15-17 APR



15-17 APR



Idea & History

The idea behind the first ‘East meets West’ Congress was to gather people from different parts of the world, different universities, different companies in one, common idea – the idea without any barriers – the idea of the ‘East meets West’. No matter if you are a student or a scientist, no matter if you come from the west or from the east – we all are part of the Oilfield Industry family and this idea is still the clue of the Congress. Bringing up to life next editions of the ‘East meets West’ Congress has been a great pleasure & great honor. AGH UST SPE Student Chapter has been doing it already for nine years. The reasons why we are still doing it are pretty obvious: making new friendships, meeting inspiring people and meeting the brightest minds from around the world. Nevertheless, the most important part, the one that brought the biggest smile to everybody’s faces was the fact that together we make a difference. When it comes to the next edition, we can feel pure enthusiasm and joy. The source of this joy is you, dear participants. It is you who builds the ‘East meets West’ Congress and make the event happen. We wish it never ends.


Location  Accommodation 



EMW Organizing Comitee provides five overnight stays from 14/15th to 17/18th of April in Babilon Hostel in Cracow for 170 congress participants. Places for all SPC and Poster Session Contestants are provided, places availability for PetroBowl Team Members and Delegates depends on the enrollment fee’s receiving date.
The Hostel is located on AGH UST Campus and only 20 minutes walking distance from the Cracow’s Main Square. An additional night costs 10 euro. In case of late payment, OC offers their help in finding booking alternatives.
Coffee breaks and lunches will be provided from the 15th to 17th of April as well.


AGH UST SPE Student Chapter   Faculty of Drilling, Oil and Gas AGH University of Science and Technology  Wiertnictwo-Nafta-Gaz, Nauka i Tradycje

AGH UST SPE Student Chapter  

AGH UST SPE Student Chapter is one of over three hundred SPE student chapters that operate all over the world. Since the beginning, we make efforts to spread knowledge about oil and gas production and provide our members with information about the newest technologies that are not contained in university textbooks yet. Through various activities, we encourage our members to take active part in Chapter’s life and to explore the fascinating world of oil and gas. We achieve our goals mainly by inviting professionals for meetings as our guests or as SPE Distinguished Lecturers, organizing an international congress ‘East meets West’ and publishing a trade magazine ‘YoungPetro’. Apart from those, we enable students to take part in conferences organized by chapters from other countries. We also organize workshops, cooperate with oil and gas companies while organizing manifold events and help students choose the most interesting topic for their research as well. Being part of the SPE AGH SC is an opportunity to test yourself in first serious projects and in cooperating with your colleagues. It is not only many hours of hard work, but also many unforgettable moments spent with friends. Our dream is to contaminate students with our passion of searching for knowledge and to make them realize the importance of personal development. SPE International awarded us with the GOLD STANDARD AWARD in 2013 and the OUTSTANDING STUDENT CHAPTER AWARD in recognition of our effective work, over-average team cooperation and outstanding project quality.

Faculty of Drilling, Oil and Gas

The Faculty of Drilling and Petroleum Engineering AGH University of Science and Technology was established in 1967. In 1995 it was renamed to the Faculty of Drilling, Oil and Gas. Its activity is focused on widely understood hole mining, gas engineering and scientific researches, mainly of applied character. The Faculty of Drilling, Oil and Gas consists of three departments: Drilling and Geoengineering, Oil Engineering and Gas Engineering which are focused on different areas. The Faculty of Drilling, Oil and The faculty and qualified teaching staff cares for both, the highest scientific level and warm atmosphere for students. Being the only such Faculty in Poland, it opens new horizons for young people.

AGH University of Science and Technology 

AGH University of Science and Technology is one of the best and most renowned modern Polish universities. For many years it has been ranked in the top of the list of institutions of higher education. AGH UST is a leading Polish university in modern technologies, and belongs to a group of prestigious international educational centres.
The AGH University of Science and Technology was established on 20th October 1919, until 1949 known as the Academy of Mining. The university, being a technical school, serves science and industry through educating students, the development of academic staff, as well as research and development. The university cherishes its traditions and educates students to be honest, responsible people both at work and as the members of the society, according to its motto: “Labore creata, labori et scientiae servio” (Created in labour, I serve labour and science).

Wiertnictwo-Nafta-Gaz, Nauka i Tradycje

Foundation "Wiertnictwo-Nafta-Gaz, Nauka i Tradycje" is focused on supporting The Faculty of Drilling, Oil and Gas in AGH University of Science and Technology. Main aim of Foundation is to cultivate traditions and to promote achievements in Polish Oil & Gas industry.

Industry representatives


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 EMW Poster Contest     EMW Paper Contest

 EMW Poster Contest    

In Poster Contest participants will be presenting the results of their research and will be judged by representatives from the industry and AGH UST. It’s available for the students all around the world, without region boundaries.

The topics of abstracts should refer to those presented below:

  • Drilling and Completions
  • Production and Operations
  • Reservoir Engineering and Dynamics
  • Fuels and Energy
  • Geology and Geophysics
  • Management and Economics
  • Health, Safety and Environment

The abstract should be written in English and should not include any diagrams, pictures or charts. It should contain between 290 and 350 words.
See more about the rules and regulations here.
If you would like to participate in East Meets West Congress, you have to take part in our registration process.

EMW Paper Contest

East Meets West Paper Contest.

More info coming soon.



They trusted us – we are grateful for their support





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Chairman of the organizing committee

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Partnership correspondence

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Partnership correspondence

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Students and registration matters

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Logistics Correspondence

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Contests Correspondence

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